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D7 Vertikal Leg Press

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The Vertical Leg Press Machine allows stance variations to target specific muscle groups more. A narrow stance requires strong use of the quadriceps while a wider stance will put more emphasis on the inner thigh muscles. Vertical leg presses have the potential to also strongly train the gluteal muscles.

  • Adjustable back pad allows changing angle
  • Safety stops
  • Suitable for 50 mm discs
  • Heavy-duty steel Frame

View leather color palette (PDF)

Size of the metal profile:
100x50x3 mm (max loading weight 500 kg)
120x80x3 mm (max loading weight 800 kg)

Equipment measurement:
Height: 217 cm
Width: 230 cm
Length: 160 cm
Weight: 228 kg (100x50x3 mm)
Weight: 309 kg (120x80x3 mm)