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Atlantis was born from a desire to make the impossible happen.
To push the limits of equipment in order to transcend those of the body.
To create success where none existed before.
To write a new chapter in the history of performance.
To set a precedent, to leave a mark. And why not, to create legends.

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Every fitness company calls themselves innovative. But what does it mean?
At Freemotion, being innovative means questioning how we workout and redefining it. We do things not because everyone else is doing them, but because no one else is doing them. We know that life isn’t about working out, but working out is what creates a more adventurous life.

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Our equipment is made with biomechanics and anatomy in mind.
It's designed to add stability to isolated excercises, and to be easy to use for both beginners and professionals alike.

Multi DAP released in 2023. More machines coming soon!

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Over the past 45 years, HOIST® Fitness has become a leader in developing strength training equipment through proven effectiveness, durability, and versatility. HOIST® Fitness is a San Diego, California, USA based company producing premium strength training products and exercise bikes for commercial and home markets.


Coming Health Tech is a premier and fastest-growing fitness brand. We have been dedicated to creating fitness solutions that benefit both facilities and exercisers, and cooperating with many good partners worldwide. Our product lines include treadmills, curve treadmill, rower, strength equipment and free weights.

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